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Currently there are a number of hotspots in and around the middle east that require special attention. If you plan on traveling to any of these countries, make sure you check with your embassy first on safety for traveling and when you arrive in your country of destination make sure the local embassy has contact information for you in case things go wrong. For the most up to date situations on travel all around the world we would advice you to go to the following site: Travel and Living Abroad as well as the US Department of State

These sites are run by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the US Department of State and offer lots of travel advice. The advice given there is intended for UK pasport holders and US pasport holders but also applies to other foreigners.


If the Foreign and Commonwealth Office or the US Department of State recommend registering at their embassies, then this would also apply to people from other countries. It is always a good idea to register yourself at your embassy of the country you are visiting if you are planning an extended stay. That way the embassy can contact you in case of emergency at home as well as in the country you are visiting.


Another page you may want to look at for health and safety related issues is the CDC Health Warning Page. It explaines what countries to avoid traveling to and why.


We are currently updating all countries with travel advice. Keep in mind that this may take a while as we are also updating other info.



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